Friday, November 1, 2013

Lets try this again...and again.

I keep losing posts, so lets try this again.
I'll keep it brief since I am sick of rewriting everything. The short version is we have now hzd our boy for 5 days now, and each day is a little better than the one before.  In many ways, Eli is like nora was, but at hyper speed ans without the super hard grieving. He loves his daddy, but is slowly warming up to me. I'm sure it would be faster if we didnt have nora here pushing him away everytime he tries to touch me.  We're finding ways of working it out, though.  Today he took the initiative to sit on my lap for a minute and smile at me.  It was amazing.
Yesterday we visited his orphanage. It was a great, but very tough experience. So many babies. So many older kids.  Thie good thing is that when the nannys tried to hold him he reached for kevin and was not interested in being with them.  It also seemed to help him stop bunching me with all the other female caretakers he has had, and he is rejecting me less.
in addition to that, yesterday was also a day where I was sicker than I have been in years.  Thanks McDonald's.  I was in bed after the visit flucuating between worry that I might die, and worry that I might live.  I was too weak to open a pack of crackers and got very dehydrated.  Im feeling better, though still very weak.
Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou,  thank goodness.  I wish ihad better feelings for ZZ, since its where we met our kids, but I always get sick here, and this time its jbeen rainy which makez it hard to get outside the hotel.  Also they're doing construction on the hotel and the playroom is gone.  Once agzin we are left to let our kids run the hallways ans bug the businessmen.  Oh well.
Before I finish, I'll write about Eki, since that is what people want to hear about.  He is a solid tank of a boy.  I never expected our son to have a belly and thighs, but he has both in abundance.  He definiteky has a strong temper, but is usually quite good about sharing and not touching thi gs he shouldn't.   For now, he hates baths more than death, so we have the smelly kid.  He has almost all his teeth and give ux great smiles.  He sleeps very soundly and easily (hallelujah!!) In his crib (double hallelujah!!).  He loves his jiejie, but doesnt like her trying to climb on Kevin.  Hes kind of a linebacker and just powers through things.  I keep wqiting for the other shoe to drop, but it seems like he is just dealing with all this new stuff in stride.  Im afraid we have gotten the two cutest kids in china. 
More pictures and some video soon, I hope.  They're waking up, so its time to play uteruses before duderuses with Nora.