Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Off We Go Again: Good Dry Run, Everybody

Kevin post!  Huzzah.

Sorry for any errors. I'm trying out the Blogger app for our new tablet.

We were there. Bags packed, final moments of hours of panic starting to fade, we had everything we needed (we hoped) packed into two large suitcases and three smaller bags. Oh, and our daughter.  Our hurried last-minute cramming session was starting to seem like we could almost call it a happy memory when we got to the airport and were gently informed that our flight doesn't leave until tomorrow.

A brief moment of frustration gave way to the realization that by our own stupidity we were given the gift of an extra 24 hours to, you know, breathe. It also then dawned on me that I would have to call my dad and tell him to come right back to the airport and pick us up. Oops.

I'm going to just keep repeating to myself that according to our social worker and the government of China, I am supposedly a competent parent that poses no danger to my children. 

Oh well, we're packed well ahead of time, this time at least. :-)

More later. 

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